Metal Mining Effluent Regulations compliance data

Metal Mining Effluent Regulations compliance dataThe Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) came into force in 2002 pursuant to the Fisheries Act to regulate the deposit of mine effluent and mine waste into waters frequented by fish. The Regulations set out limits for certain deleterious substances, prohibit the discharge of effluent that is acutely lethal to rainbow trout, and specify the requirements for carrying out effluent sampling, reporting and environmental effects monitoring.

These files contain the summary of the performance of Canadian metal mines that is currently available in electronic format. The dataset contains in these files are extracted from the annual \StatusReportonthePerformanceofMetalMinesSubjecttotheMetaltMiningEffluentRegulations\. The files in KML format are map layers for use in Google Earth™ and other “virtual globe” software. They show the reported location of the final effluent discharge points associated with each mining facility subject to the Regulations. When selected, each final discharge point generates a summary table of its effluent data and compliance performance. The CSV files present this same information for each final discharge point in a tabular format that can be easily used for data mining and analysis.



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