Maps of reporting facilities – virtual globe format

Maps of reporting facilities – virtual globe formatThe National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is Canada's public inventory of pollutant releases (to air, water and land), disposals and transfers for recycling.

Each file contains the NPRI map layers in a KMZ format that you can use with virtual globe software such as Google Earth™. Data are available for the last two reporting years.

You can filter the data by province or industry type. Select a facility to view a report that summarizes its pollutant releases, disposals and transfers.

Please consult the following resources to enhance your analysis:
- Guide on using and Interpreting NPRI Data: https:\/\/\/en\/environment-climate-change\/services\/national-pollutant-release-inventory\/using-interpreting-data.html
- Access additional data from the NPRI, including datasets and mapping products: https:\/\/\/en\/environment-climate-change\/services\/national-pollutant-release-inventory\/tools-resources-data\/exploredata.html



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