Maps of reporting facilities – criteria air contaminants

Maps of reporting facilities – criteria air contaminantsThe National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is Canada's public inventory of pollutant releases (to air, water and land), disposals and transfers for recycling.

The first two files below contain a map of Canada showing the locations of all facilities that reported direct releases of Criteria Air Contaminants to the NPRI. The data are for the most recent reporting year, by reported total quantities of these releases.

The map is available in both ESRI REST (to use with ARC GIS) and WMS (open source) formats. For more information about the individual reporting facilities, a dataset is available in a CSV format.

Please consult the following resources to enhance your analysis:
- Guide on using and Interpreting NPRI Data: https:\/\/\/en\/environment-climate-change\/services\/national-pollutant-release-inventory\/using-interpreting-data.html
- Access additional data from the NPRI, including datasets and mapping products: https:\/\/\/en\/environment-climate-change\/services\/national-pollutant-release-inventory\/tools-resources-data\/exploredata.html


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