Fish Health Toxicology Contaminants, Oil Sands Region

Fish Health Toxicology Contaminants, Oil Sands RegionThe objectives of the fish component of the integrated oil sands monitoring program are to provide the necessary data\/information to address key questions related to both environmental health of fish populations and fish health issues that can be used to inform human use and consumption.

The questions underlying the fish monitoring design are related to the status and health of wild fish populations in the Lower Athabasca River including and in an expanded geographical extent. Data is being collected to provide a baseline against which future changes in fish populations will be evaluated, and compared to data from historical studies to assess change over time to the current state. Data is also being collected in areas of new oil sands development, to develop baseline data for future site-specific comparisons, contribute to an expanded geographic basis of the overall monitoring plan, and contribute to an improved ability to examine cumulative effects.


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