Acid Sensitive Lakes, Atlantic Canada

Acid Sensitive Lakes, Atlantic CanadaThe Acid Sensitive Lakes Study in the Atlantic Canada was initiated in 1983 by Environment and Climate Change Canada, to evaluate the impact of acid atmospheric pollutant on aquatic ecosystem. Originally, the study focused on the aquatic and terrestrial effects of acid precipitation, but now it also includes research into the effects of climate change.

A total of 81 lakes in Nova-Scotia, New-Brunswick and Newfoundland are sampled once a year in October (twice a year for lakes in Newfoundland). Water quality chemical parameters related to the acidification environmental issue are analysed (pH, alkalinity, cations and anions, metals, organic carbon, etc) to identify chemical changes through temporal trend analyses.


External resources

Link Name Protocol
Scientific Publication - Water chemistry and dissolved organic carbon trends in lakes from Canada\u2019s Atlantic Provinces: no recovery from acidification measured after 25 years of lake monitoring
Scientific Publication - Long-term trends in catchment organic carbon and nitrogen exports from three acidified catchments in Nova Scotia, Canada
Scientific Publication - Freshwater acidification research in Atlantic Canada: a review of results and predictions for the future


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