Hamilton Harbour Area of Concern

Hamilton Harbour Area of ConcernHamilton Harbour was designated as one of 43 Areas of Concern in accordance with Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA). Ten out of eleven Beneficial Use Impairments were identified by the Remedial Action Plan (RAP). The RAP is an ongoing collaborative effort implemented by federal, provincial, and local governments as well as industry and public partners. There are 3 key stages of the RAP: Stage 1 is a detailed description of the environmental problem; Stage 2 identifies remedial actions and options; Stage 3 is the final document providing evidence that the beneficial uses have been restored and the AOC can be “delisted”.

Hamilton Harbour is an approximately 2200 ha embayment connected to the west end of Lake Ontario by a 836 m ship canal. It has a mean depth of 13 m and maximum depth of 24 m. Significant nutrient loadings from three wastewater treatment plants, combined sewer overflows, agriculture, and industry have contributed to severe water quality impairments in Hamilton Harbour. Presented here are various datasets generated to measure the ecological response of the Remediation efforts since 1987.

For additional information and data please visit: https:\/\/open.canada.ca\/data\/en\/dataset\/82927831-131a-433e-af26-745b9930cd65


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Great Lakes Areas of Concern Monitoring and Surveillance Data


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