Bay of Quinte Area of Concern

Bay of Quinte Area of ConcernBay of Quinte was designated as one of the 43 Areas of Concern in accordance with Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA). Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is an ongoing collaborative effort implemented by federal, provincial, and local governments as well as industry and public partners. There are 3 key stages of the RAP: Stage 1 is a detailed description of the environmental problem; Stage 2 identifies remedial actions and options; Stage 3 is the final document providing evidence that the beneficial uses have been restored and the AOC can be “delisted”.

The Bay of Quinte is a narrow inlet, about 100 km in length, on the north shore of Lake Ontario near the eastern outlet of the lake. The Area of Concern encompasses the bay and its 18 000 km2 (1.8 million ha) drainage basin. The watershed includes the generally agricultural Prince Edward County on the south side of the bay and extends as far north as Algonquin Park. The Trent River is responsible for most of the flow through the bay. The shoreline of the bay includes 19 provincially significant wetlands. About 400 000 people live in the area, with the population around the bay concentrated in the cities of Trenton and Belleville, the towns of Napanee, Picton and Deseronto, and the Mohawk Tyendinaga Territory.

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