Mercury releases from mercury switches in end-of-life vehicles - P2 Notice

Mercury releases from mercury switches in end-of-life vehicles - P2 NoticeThis notice applied to manufacturers of vehicles that contained mercury switches and owners of steel mills that processed end-of-life vehicles or steel scrap from end-of-life vehicles.

This notice has been in effect since December 29, 2007, for automobile and steel manufacturers. Although the initial facilities subject have completed their obligations this notice is still in effect. This means that new facilities could become subject if they meet the requirement(s) of the notice.

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Notice Requiring the Preparation and Implementation of Pollution Prevention Plans in Respect of Mercury Releases from Mercury Switches in End-of-Life Vehicles Processed by Steel Mills
Avis obligeant l'élaboration et l'exécution de plans de prévention de la pollution à l'égard des rejets de mercure provenant des interrupteurs au mercure dans les véhicules en fin de vie utile traités par les aciéries
Performance report
Rapport de performance


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