Environmental Damages Fund - Funded Projects

Environmental Damages Fund - Funded ProjectsThe Environmental Damages Fund (EDF), created by the Government of Canada in 1995, follows the Polluter Pays Principle to ensure that those who cause damage to the environment take responsibility for their actions. Prosecutors and judges can recommend that financial penalties (fines, awards and\/or settlements) paid by environmental offenders are directed to the EDF, thereby helping to improve Canada’s natural environment.

As the administrator of the EDF for the Government of Canada, Environment Canada assesses the funds received to ensure they respect conditions specified by the court, and relate as closely as possible to the nature of the environmental damage that resulted in funds being directed to EDF. Environment Canada’s Funding Program conducts Calls for Proposals to support community-based, non-profit organizations, and other eligible organizations for projects that have measureable and positive impact on the environment.

The data enclosed is of the EDF Funded Projects since 2009.

The map shows the projects in their relevant geographical locations in Google earth.



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