Canadian historical snow survey data

Canadian historical snow survey dataIn situ observations of snow water equivalent (SWE) from manual snow surveys and automated sensors are made at ~1000 sites across Canada in support of water resource planning for flood control and hydroelectricity production. These data represent an important source of information for research (e.g. validation of hydrological and climate model models), for applied studies (e.g. snow loads) and for climate monitoring. A data rescue effort in 1998 generated the first version of the Canadian historical snow survey dataset (MSC, 2000) which was subsequently updated in 2004. This update includes data to March 2017 and is provided as bi-weekly 0.1 x 0.1 degree grid box averages to facilitate research applications. Data for individual snow survey sites are also provided but exclude most data from Quebec after 1985 that have access restrictions. Information on data format and contact information for the Quebec data are provided in the \ReadMe\ file.



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