Foothills Orographic Precipitation Experiment (FOPEX)

Foothills Orographic Precipitation Experiment (FOPEX)The Alberta foothills are a primary source of spring runoff into the prairie regions to the east. For this reason, precipitation accumulations in the foothills are vital to prairie water resources. The Foothills Orographic Precipitation Experiment (FOPEX) was initiated in 2002 to study the dynamics of precipitation and its relationship to elevation in the lee of the Rocky Mountains, including the quantification of processes such as the influence of up-slope (easterly) atmospheric flow on precipitation. Six surface meteorological sites were installed in the Alberta Rocky Mountain foothills between Limestone Mountain and Caroline. Data collection began in the fall of 2002 and several sites remained in operation until the spring of 2008.

Each surface meteorological site measured accumulating precipitation, snow depth, surface pressure (at 3 sites), temperature, humidity, and wind speed and wind direction. The sites were installed at strategic locations to obtain a transect through various elevations between 1000 and 2200 masl. The meteorological data was collected at a frequency of 30 minutes. Manual snow surveys were completed monthly during the snow accumulation and ablation periods during much of the project (2002 through 2006).

Information on FOPEX results can be found in Smith C.D. (2008) The Relationship between Monthly Precipitation and Elevation in the Alberta Foothills during the Foothills Orographic Precipitation Experiment. In: Woo M. (eds) Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, https:\/\/\/10.1007\/978-3-540-73936-4_10



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